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I've been working through the night on Book 2 in the Immortal Savior Series title Awakening. I posted an excerpt on my website . Head over and check it out.
I am running a $.99 special, on Amazon, on my first published book titled Vengeance Book 1 in the Immortal Savior Series. Check out the brief summary below. I appreciate your support and review on Amazon or Goodreads. Here is the link:  Amazon This paranormal romance has something for everyone; tragedy, hospital humor, sadistic psychopath and of course intense, passionate love. Eliza North has been living a quiet life. She works in a busy ER in Layton Michigan, but she has a secret. She's an immortal hybrid with a horrific past. Her past is about to catch up to her, and a destiny is revealed. A destiny she's not sure she can handle. Braxton Slater, an immortal bounty hunter, roars into Layton on a mission to catch a psychopath. The psychopath he's been hunting for a century, and who murdered his mate. He arrives in Layton to put a beautiful female under surveillance in hopes of drawing out his quarry. The amazing female begins to revive his dead heart and he disco